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The ECG/EKG Training Class is 20 hours in length. Your time in class will be spent learning all about the heart, cardiovascular system, and the electricity that flow through the body to make this amazing organ work. After completion of the book training, your time will be spent primarily doing hands on performance of ECG’s on fellow students and friends and family.

Knowing how to perform ECG’s/ EKG’s will be vitally important for you to have in your medical training repertoire. Make sure you don’t get caught without the knowledge you need to help caregivers diagnose, and treat individuals with heart disease. The more certifications and skills you have the more employable you are … get your ECG Certification today with ECG Training Specialists. Classes are rolling out in cities and states across the country, enroll today!

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Cardiogram test, close-up of ECG report on the monitor of computer. Cropped shot of hands of female black doctor, operating on the pc keyword, performing electrocardiography for male patient.
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Medical doctor making ECG test in hospital
Course Outline

A Comprehensive ECG/EKG Course

  • Coronary Anatomy and Physiology
  • Electrophysiology
  • Lead Placement
  • Technical Aspects
  • Heart Rate Calculation
  • Basics of Rhythms Strip Interpretation
  • Commonly seen heart rhythms
  • Basics of Cardiac Pharmacology
  • Introduction to Diagnostic Electrocardiography
  • Tons of hand on experience
  • Troubleshooting artifact and other anomalies
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