Frequently Asked Questions

When doing EKG’s I know that the leads are placed on parts of my body that are sensitive. What should I wear to class to ensure my attire does not affect those doing EKG’s on me?

You are correct the placement of the leads does tend to come close to parts of the body that are sensitive. We ask that males wear tank tops if they are not comfortable removing their shirts, and for females, button up shirt generally work well. No underwire support is allowed as the wire will interfere with the electrical signal of the readout. We have sheets, and towels to cover those individuals who are sensitive about their bodies.

Is there any risk of being “shocked” by the machine?

No, the machine actually only receives signal, and amplifies it in the machine in order to create a reading on paper. There is no risk of getting shocked by the EKG machine.

How is the class set up with time and what will we be doing during the 8 hours in class?

The class is set up to allow for 3 hours of book training and 5 hours of doing actual EKG’s.

Can I do more EKG’s on live patients if I am not comfortable at the end of class?

Yes you may, you can do as many as you like, and we encourage you to stop in once in a while and refresh your skills and pick up some of our newest tricks of the trade, as we are constantly updating the information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover as well as being aligned with and approved by many state funding agencies. You can always make payments for the class as well, you simply need to start with a minimum of $100 on the first night of class and pay the balance by the last night of class.

If you have more questions contact us at 888-531-8378!