Richardson, Texas

Knowing how to perform ECG's/ EKG's will be vitally important for you to have in your medical training repertoire. Make sure you don't get caught without the knowledge you need to help caregivers diagnose, and treat individuals with heart disease.

  • Learn to prepare and maintain diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Become proficient in heart health and cardiovascular anatomy
  • Learn how to place leads appropriately
  • Perform live ECGs on fellow students
  • Recognize abnormal images and identify relevant diagnostic information

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Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition $250
  • Registration $50
  • Books/Supplies $100
  • Exam $45
  • Total $445
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2100 Lakeside Blvd Suite 120
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What Our Student's Say About Us

I have attended CNA, MA, and other Phlebotomy courses, and I can honestly say, that this course at PTS, is the best medically related course that I have ever attended. More information, more hands on, and by far, the most unbelievable experience I have had to date in the medical industry.

Amy R.